Guest Protocols for COVID-19

We look forward to being able to welcome you and your family and friends to Luckyard Farm.

Your cottage will be thoroughly cleaned to our usual standard, however, in order to comply with Government guidelines to reduce the risks posed by COVID-19, we have some guest protocols to protect our guests and cleaners.

Before your stay

To help minimise risk we suggest you might like to order your groceries to be delivered direct to the farm. Tesco, Sainsbury and Asda will deliver, however there may be a shortage in delivery slots at present. The best time to guarantee a slot is early in the morning or by booking a slot 2 weeks in advance and adding to your order at a later date. Please book your slot for a time after your ETA to reduce extra handling of your groceries.
Delivery details are:

Luckyard Farm
Wheddon Cross
TA24 7HF

On Arrival

Our cleaners will do their best to have all holiday cottages ready from 2pm on the day of your arrival. However, this may not be possible in some cases and we ask for your patience during these times.
We would like to continue welcoming guests personally, however, we appreciate that this now poses a risk. We therefore ask that on arrival, and throughout your stay, we must maintain the required social distance set by Government. We will direct you to your holiday cottage and answer any questions you may have from outside in the yard.

During your stay

Please follow these simple rules:
Wash your hands
We ask everyone in your group to wash your hands on arrival using the antibacterial soap provided. If you wish to bring your own hand sanitiser that is great however this is not a substitute for proper hand washing. Please maintain regular hand washing throughout your stay using warm water and hand soap.

Please leave all antibacterial hand wash in the holiday cottage when you vacate at the end of your stay.

Clean & Disinfect

Please ensure that regular used areas are cleaned and disinfected during your stay and before vacating the property. Appropriate cleaning products will be supplied including disposable cleaning cloths and a few pairs of disposable gloves. Please dispose of any used cleaning cloths/gloves into the general waste bin and do not flush wipes down the toilet.


Please ensure all crockery, glasses, mugs, pots, pans, and kitchen utensils are cleaned properly using hot water and soap prior to your departure, we believe this is very important for the health and safety of our cleaners.

Maintain Social Distancing

Maintain social distancing at all times when outside the cottages and respect our local community by doing the same while out and about.


Please park with plenty of space between cars in the car park if possible. If you have two cars please park one behind the other in the car park to make space for others.

On Departure

Departure Time

Please vacate your holiday cottage by 10am on the day of your departure. This is important that we keep to this time as it will allow our cleaners to carry out the thorough cleaning that is required.

Air the Property

Please open all windows/doors, if appropriate, when leaving and leave internal doors open when it is suitable


Turn on bathroom lights so that fans are working.

Bed Linen

Please help minimise the risk to our cleaners by following these procedures:

       • Duvet covers and pillowcases Please remove all linen from every bed and place in the large bin bags provided.

      • Mattress protectors and pillows Please remove the mattress protector and place in a separate bin bag along   with the pillows.

      • T-Towels/Bathmats/Oven Gloves Please place all T-towels and bathmats in the plastic bin bag provided and tie up.


Please ensure that cottages are left clear of all waste on departure including bathroom bins and all food. Please follow these procedures:

      • Place all recycling in the appropriate bins provided in the bin area, next to the car park.

      • Please ensure any used tissues are put into the general waste black bin bags and that all bin bags are tied securely before putting them into main general waste bin in the bin area.

      • We would advise that you wash your hands before handling the outside rubbish bins and to do the same afterwards. Leaving the key Please leave the door key on the dining room table. You will find bin bags, cloths and antibacterial spray in the cupboard under the sink.


We thank you for your cooperation, help and understanding, during these times and we hope you thoroughly enjoy your stay with us.